Random experiences

All about Alejandro

I want to introduce you to Alejandro, Ale for short. She was a female cat, with a fluffy white fur with brown coloured spots, and with the most piercing green eyes I have seen.

She was named Alejandro by my neighbour who found her, he believed strongly that was a good name for a female cat. With no other suitable option, we went with it.

As an African, you are automatically taught to dislike cats, especially black coloured green-eyed cats. This is due to different reasons, spiritual suspicions been one of them.

So I really avoided cats growing up.

Anyways we found Ale as a malnourished kitten, left behind by her cat mama. We decided right there to adopt her, she was too cute to leave.

We fed her daily with milk and sardines. She ate that for some weeks and changed her diet. She got “greedy”, she wanted meat. Which is very normal I guess as she had grown to crave her natural diet.

However, as I’m sure most parents feel, we were not ready for her to grow up.

In the beginning, Ale liked sleeping by my door. We had this cycle of me chasing her away and she coming back, till I got tired. She grew on me, I with a taught aversion to cats. I eventually let her in, leaving her warm blankets and in return, she killed any possible rats around. It was a very good agreement we formed.

One day, Ale was gone. I noticed it, but I was busy with personal things at the time, I didn’t think anything of it. I joked about this with my neighbour, saying maybe she had left us and moved on with a new ‘man’.

That was until we found her dead, she had been hit by a car.

Surprisingly for some reason on finding out, I felt a deep loss. I had unknowingly formed a connection with her. A connection that till today makes me check the door to see if she’s there, if she would somehow come back.

What’s the lesson of this story? Absolutely nothing. I’m just writing about a cat that I grew really fond of, who taught me during her short stay, that I might have a tendency to love animals a lot more that I give myself credit for.

Let’s see if I cave in and can get a pet in the future.

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