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How to deal with insecurities

I hate to cook.

To the amazement of my mother who loves to cook and bake. That’s a flaw I have unashamedly accepted and with time, she got to accept it too.

Here’s the catch, I love to eat.
How do I combine my hatred for cooking with my love for eating?. I have amazing friends who love to cook. Win-Win.

What do flaws in a person mean? they are considered to be blemishes, weak spots, limitations etc.

Every human has flaws. Aspects of yourself you don’t like, things you wish you can do perfectly.

What are yours? What are the things you wish you could improve?

This post aims to create an acceptance of those aspects you are insecure about, and hopefully nudge you to improve those that can.

Insecurity kills all that is beautiful

Your flaws might be in different areas, it really doesn’t matter what they are. You don’t like them and wish you can change them.

What if I told you, yes you, that those “quirks” are what make you unique. Imagine a world where everyone behaves the same way and has similar perspectives, how boring this would be.

God (or whoever you believe in), created everyone with individual facets, making us distinct from the next person.
I see a lot of people striving so hard to exclude their shortcomings, by copying someone whom they believe is perfect or moulding themselves into the “perfect” image they have envisioned. So sad.

Know that everyone has flaws, so do you. They are what makes you unique.

You are an original copy

It would be simple to admit that we have flaws, but what happens next?. What do we do if they hinder us from attaining a happy life? We move to improve on them

Deciding to improve them, doesn’t change the first point on how unique you are.

To explain this I would share a personal example. I consider my height and my difficulties in easily comprehending topics as my two weaknesses. I compare how relatively easy it is for others in my circle. I, on the other hand, have to read a couple of times before it sticks.

I’m aware these aspects of me do not change how amazing I am, but I wish these can be changed.

I thereby proceeded to explore what I can improve on. I can’t make changes to my height for example, but I can strengthen how I understand things. I refused to accept the general rhetoric of “this is who I am”. Neither should you.

There are some things that I unabashedly refuse to change though, my hatred for cooking is one.

You are amazing regardless and I hope today, you begin to see this too.

What are the amazing aspects you have, please share them in the comment section.

“The real difficulty is to overcome how you think about yourself.”

Maya Angelou

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