Living a positive filled life

Welcome to the month of December. I know this is coming really late, forgive me.

It’s been three weeks since my last post. I was finding it very difficult to scribbling my thoughts down. Writer’s block maybe?

To distract my self, I began a self-taught journey on how to set up a website. I believe I had overused my free domain.

*Now has been moved to:*

This past few weeks I have spent a lot more time with my friends, mainly to get their input on my new website and it is the Christmas season after all.

On this particular day, our conversation drifted to comparing certain aspects of Nigeria to Mauritius.

Reminiscing about some aspects of Nigeria we miss is a favourite past time for us, this day was no exception. We continued this till someone, a non-Nigerian, asked: “if Nigeria was so good, why did we leave?”

This was meant to be a sub, but I honestly couldn’t give an adequate answer.

Living here has not been an easy adjustment, from not having access to your favourite provisions, the language barrier, their overly casual way of living. You are never without things to complain about.

Till we look at the whole picture.

I might be breaking a cliques code saying this, Mauritius has been good. I have felt very safe walking around even in the night, met lovely people, experienced growth in most of the areas of my life. It has not been all gloom and doom.

I have come to realise that, as long as you focus on the negatives in a situation, all the things that could go wrong, everything would be negative.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Focusing on the negative aspects of a situation is easy almost like a first instinct, I do it a lot as well. It seems that our minds actively stays on the things that aren’t working, what could go wrong, rather than the positives.

Is this healthy? Not in the slightest.

After this incident, I began reflecting on how much my complaints has not allowed me to adequately enjoy the aspects that are working in this country.

Applying this “new-found” knowledge into other areas of my life, I began to realise just how much I have focused on what I do not have, than the testimonies so far and what is still possible.

This is not to downplay whatever you might be going through, as it might just be the craziest and downright unfair situations known to man.

Instead to offer support and a little “hand-holding” while we find the tiniest positives in the situations together.

I hope it helps.

It might be worse before it gets better, but it will get better.

Mike Rawlings

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