Random experiences

The concept of female privilege.

Him: hello how are you?

Me: I’m fine

Him: are you going to flic-en-flac?

Me: yes, i am

Him: same here, can I give you a ride?.

Me: ohh okay that’s so nice, thank you.

it wasn’t until I entered that I realised two things: 1) I just entered a stranger’s car, 2) I was the only one he picked up.

let’s not focus on the first part, I know my mum after reading this will call to “talk” to me about the dangers of doing that.

The second part, I was the only one he picked. I wasn’t the only person at the bus stop, but I was the only female at the bus stop.

One advantage of Twitter is the large expanse of knowledge that can be learnt, from important stuff to the downright stupid, everything is at your fingertips.

In this case, through a long thread, I learnt the concept of female privilege.

“Female privilege” is the concept that women have certain advantages within society for no other reason than the fact they are women. It is often combined with pretty privilege.

Before this day, I never took notice of this, or if I did I either chalked it up to favour, people just been nice or the way it is. On some days it can be favour and helpful behaviours from people no doubt, but to a large extent, could this simply be because of my gender?.

When talking about the female gender, the conversation focuses on the horrible experiences and struggles we faced daily and rightly so. However, there might be some favourable aspects of being female that are not talked about, for different reasons.

Now back to my scenario, we are currently on a lockdown which means that the public transport system is operating on a skeletal service, hence why a lot of us were waiting.

Seeing a “free help” after waiting for close to an hour for a bus was God sent.

A free help others would have appreciated as well. The sad reality is this is a daily occurrence for some men, as for others the concept of Male privilege applies.

For a lot of women, this situation happens all the time, in other to other areas as well, that it’s mundane to talk about it, much less make a blog post about it.

Well true. Kindly blame my lack of interesting activities for this.

My aim in sharing this is not to brag about this, but to share how this is has helped put similar situations things like this in perspective for me and hopefully, it has for you too.

P.s I was aware of how horrible that ride could have gone. So for safety purposes, I asked the said man to drop me at a popular supermarket a bit far from home, near the police station.

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