Worry: Known to all, loved by none

I know a girl, well I believe it’s a she, but I could be wrong. Chances are that you know her too. Her name is Worry, yep worry.

I met worry at the beginning of my teenage years. It was a friendship that started seemingly innocent, but one that will be difficult to stop and will continue into my adult years.

My teenage years were filled with a lot of uncertainties, as expected of someone learning about life, so it was no surprise I formed a friendship with worry. I felt her “what if” questions were positive considerations, concerning the situations I faced.

What if the school you applied to doesn’t work out?

What if you don’t get the grades you need?”

What if you get sick before that final exam?

What if that boy doesn’t like you back?”

These questions were so logical that I didn’t see any issues with them. Well, till it was too late.

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