2020 In-retrospect.

Last week was the resumption week for me. After 6months of staying at home, I finally had to return to the routine of going to school, personal reading, juggling work and still attempting to have a social life.

Am I excited about it? I’m sure I would be breaking a student code by saying this, but yes if I were to be honest. Staying at home for that length of time made me wish for this routine. However, I’m certain that by the 3rd week of this academic year, I would be craving the holidays once more.

Now, let’s talk about this year.

Each new year is ushered in with a lot of festivities, prayers(if you are religious) and the traditional routine of goal setting. People at the beginning of the year set out plans they hope to achieve by the end of the year. 2020 was no exception. These goals vary, from getting a new job to getting married, starting a degree or finishing one, different goals, different expectations.

Then Coronavirus (covid-19) hit. The world went on an unprecedented lockdown. Unfortunately, so did the goals of countless people, myself included. Everyone had to play a part to curb the spread of the virus.

The other day I was re-examining the goals I had written down. They were minimal, as I tend to sit back and just observe how the year unfolds (or maybe I’m just too lazy to write something lengthy). However, while reviewing what I had written, a sense of sadness overwhelmed me. I began to feel the expected emotions of underachievement.

This was further intensified when (I did the one thing no one should do), I compared my reality with the endless surge of achievements I saw on social media.
Everyone on social media, especially LinkedIn, the new Instagram for CVs, seemed to have utilised the lockdown effectively, it was intimidating.

I began to ask my self, “why? What wasn’t I doing right?”.  This not surprisingly began to affect my mental health and hindered my ability to carry out daily activities.

Social media is just a preview of the lives of people. People always highlight their best sides and ignore or brush over their struggles. Logically I know this, as do you, but the feeling of inadequacy still creeps in while scrolling through our timeline.

This is not to bash those who did achieve a lot during this period, but to encourage my self and extend the same encouragement to you reading this. Celebrate your wins, no matter how small you consider them to be.

So here’s to my wins. I survived covid. This is a big deal as it is estimated by the World health organisation (WHO) that the covid-19 virus has claimed the lives of over 200,000 people.

I also started a business, floy services rendering virtual assistant services, even I got my first client. So maybe my wins might be minor when compared to others, but the aim is not to compare right?

I’m proud of my wins. So should you no matter what they might be.

Be proud of this

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